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The “3rd International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy” (3rd ICDDT 2011) to be held in Dubai, UAE, from February 7th-10th, 2011, with  Dr. Ferid Murad, Nobel Laureate as the conference President.  The 3rd ICDDT 2011 will highlight cutting-edge advances in all major disciplines of Drug Discovery and Drug Therapy.  This four-day event will feature recent findings from leading industrial, clinical and academic experts in the field, in the form of lectures and posters.  The 3rd ICDDT 2011 will be unique in promoting the translational nature of modern biomedical research, with both basic scientists in drug discovery and clinicians associated with patient care and research. A number of Nobel Laureates will deliver keynote lectures at the conference.

The 3rd ICDDT 2011 will provide a forum for in-depth assessment of the challenges involved in the dynamic and fast moving fields of drug discovery and therapy. It will bring together leading clinicians, medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, biotechnologists, and other allied professionals to discuss and present the latest important developments in drug discovery and therapeutics.
We will be happy to welcome you to participate in the 3rd ICDDT. The organizers can endorse your application to any funding agency which may provide you travel, registration, and accommodation grants. There is Number of funding agencies who provide research grants i.e.:

1. Arab Science and Technology Foundation

2. Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)

3. Qatar Foundation

4. Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Science (KFAS)

5. Committee on Scientific and Technological cooperation (COMSTECH)

6. Islamic Development Bank

7. International Foundation for Science (IFS)

8. Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)

9. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

10. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

11. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

The ‘1st & 2nd International Conferences on Drug Design Discovery & Therapy’ were held in Dubai in February 2008 & 2010.  Thirteen Nobel laureates and more than 1250 international delegates participated in these events!  These were outstanding successes by all accounts.

This is an incredible opportunity to showcase your basic research, clinical findings and practices in the various thematic sessions (stated below), covering both pre-clinical and clinical research.

The conference offers the following sessions:

  1. Academic CRO/Industrial collaborations in drug discovery
  2. Anti-infectives
  3. Biologics
  4. Cardiovascular Drug Discovery & Therapy
  5. Combinatorial Chemistry
  6. CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy
  7. Diabetes and Obesity Drug Discovery & Therapy
  8. Drug Delivery & Targeting
  9. Drug Discovery in Preclinical Research
    1. Derisking Drug Discovery
    2. Hit to Lead and Lead Optimization
  10. Drug Metabolism
  11. Enabling Technologies
  12. High-throughput Screening & Laboratory automation
  13. Hot Topics in Drug Targets
  14. Hot Topics in HIV Research
  15. Hot Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
  16. Hot Topics in Natural Products
  17. Inflammation and Immunology
  18. Innovative Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology
  19. In-silico Drug Design and in-silico screening
  20. Medical Imaging
  21. Anti-Cancer Discovery & Therapy
  22. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  23. Pharmaceutical Research & Development
    1. Successful Drug Discovery from the Research Lab to the Marketplace
      1. i.      First disclosure of Clinical Compounds
      2. ii.      Case Histories of Drugs on the Market
    2. Global Roundup of Pharmaceutical Research capabilities and Opportunities
      1. i.      Middle East
      2. ii.      China
      3. iii.      Japan & Far East
      4. iv.      North America
      5. v.      Europe
      6. vi.      South America
      7. vii.      India & Asia
      8. viii.      Africa
    3. Global Discovery Outsourcing
    4. Generic Pharmaceuticals: Challenges and Opportunities
    5. Regulatory Affairs
    6. Other Areas of Pharmaceutical R & D
  24. Pharmacogenomics
  25. Process Chemistry and Drug Manufacturing
  26. Protein and Peptide Sciences
  27. Proteomics & Bioinformatics
  28. Pulmonary Drug Discovery & Therapy
  29. Recent Advances in Patient Treatment and Care
    1. Cardiovascular
    2. Central Nervous System
    3. Dentistry
    4. Dermatology
    5. Endocrinology
    6. Gastroenterology
    7. Microbiology
    8. Non-Prescription Drugs and Natural Health Products
    9. Oncology
    10. Pulmonary
  30. Recent Advances in Spectroscopy
  31. Regenerative Medicine
    1. Stem Cells
    2. Gene Therapy
    3. Tissue Engineering
    4. Recent Developments in Regenerated Medicine
  32. Stereoselective Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds
  33. Structural Biology
  34. Translational Medicine
  35. Women’s Health Drug Discovery & Therapy

Abstracts for consideration as Invited or Session Lectures, and Poster Presentations can be submitted online at“> Alternatively, a maximum one-page length abstract written in English can be submitted to us by e-mail at“>   All submitted abstracts received will be reviewed on the basis of scientific merit, novelty and practical application.  Due to the limited slots available, only the best abstracts will be selected for oral presentations. Speakers at the conference may have their papers published in a special proceedings volume that will be published on-line, in Open Access form (Free to view with full text), by an international publisher. We suggest that all interested participants register and book their hotel in Dubai as early as possible.
Please join us in sunny Dubai for both work and enjoyment in February 2011 to explore a plethora of information on current research in drug discovery and therapy and to network with fellow academics and industrial researchers.


Discover Dubai & Drug Discovery! Registration to the conference also includes:

  1. An introductory social mixer
  2. A gala dinner
  3. Lunches during the conference
  4. Two refreshments daily
  5. Visit to shopping centres
  6. Special tours for accompanying persons (for paid accompanying persons and their partners only)

All above social activities will be offered free of charge so that participants can also discover Dubai along with Drug Discovery!!

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are also available, for details please contact“>

For more details and to register, please visit the conference Web site at or alternatively you may contact“>

Register today and take advantage of the early-bird reduced registration fee!

An associated exhibition will take place during the conference. Exhibitors and interested sponsors should contact the marketing department at“>

We look forward to your participation at this important conference.

Sincerely yours,

Organizing Secretariat, ICDDT 2010
PO Box 7917
Saif Zone, Sharjah,
Tel: +971-6-5575783
Fax: + 971-6-5571134

[Should you not want to receive any further emails, then please“>click here. Please also provide any other email address that you might be using to ensure that you do not receive any further emails]


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