Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Application for 2nd semester for 2010/2011 academic session is now open. Also check out our advertisments, out in the New Straits Times on Saturday 2nd October, Mingguan Malaysia on the 3rd of October and the Sun on the 4th of October.

The List of Programmes for Mixed-mode and Coursework that are open are as follows:

P.P.Siswazah Perniagaan (GSB)/ Graduate School of Business

Sarjana Pentadbiran Perniagaan ( ONLINE E-MBA) –  K28/ Master of Business Administration (Online-MBA)

P.P. Komunikasi/ School of Communication

Sarjana Komunikasi (Pengajian Skrin) – K20/ Master of  Communication in Screen Studies

Sarjana Komunikasi (Kewartawanan Sains & Alam Sekitar ) –K21/ Master of  Communication in Science and Environmental Journalism

Sarjana Sastera (Komunikasi) – C06/ Master of Arts in Communication

P.P.Ilmu Kemanusiaan/ School of Humanities

Sarjana Sastera (B.Melayu) – C04 / Master of Arts (Bahasa Melayu)

Sarjana Sastera (Kesusasteraan) – C05 / Master of Arts (Literature)

Sarjana Sastera (Linguistik & Pengajian B.Inggeris) – C07/ Master of Arts ( Linguistics and English Language Studies)

Sarjana Sastera (Pengajian Penterjemahan) – C15 / Master of Arts (Translation Studies)

Sarjana Sastera (Sejarah Asia Tenggara) –C22 / Master of Arts ( Southeast Asian History)

Sarjana Sastera (Hadith) – C25 / Master of Arts (Hadith)

Sarjana Sains (Sains Maklumat Geografi) – C14/ Master of Science (Geographical Information Science)

Sarjana Sains (Bandar dan Komuniti Lestari) – C38 / Master of Science (Sustainability Cities and Communities)

P.P.Sains Fizik/School of  Physics

Sarjana Sains (Fizik Perubatan) – K06/ Master of Science (Medical Physics)

P.P.HBP/ School of Housing, Building and Planning

Sarjana Sains (Perumahan) – K11/ Master of Science ( Housing)

Sarjana Sains (Pembangunan Pelancongan) – C20/ Master of Science (Tourism Development)

P.P.Kej Bahan/ School of Material and Mineral Resource Engineering

Sarjana Sains (Kejuruteraan Bahan) – C01/ Master of Science ( Materials Engineering)

Application for Research mode is open throughout the year.



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