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Coffee World – Talks

Maybe you’ve noticed this , trying to get active participation from an audience in a classroom or during talks can be frustrating, you might have better luck trying to make it rain. People tend to be shy, introverted or intimidated by being put on the spot. For some reason, the same people get all chatty when they’re in coffee shop, sipping on kopi’ o.

Of course many will argue that those are completely different  situations, but what if we could merge the two? what if there was a place for shy, introverted people (like you or me) with strong opinions, who wish to be a heard? A place to meet like-minded peers and learn from people they wouldn’t normally expect to learn from about topics they would normally veer clear off?

The birth of Coffee World. This isn’t a first of its kind programme but based on what i described earlier, a few friends from the Right Livelihood College and staff of USM as well as postgraduate students conceived the idea of Coffee World.

Simply put,  Coffee World is a place where we would like to gather postgraduate students of USM to speak on current issues, in a coffee shop/ cafe setting, over an awesome cup of coffee, of course. The topics can range from political issues to entertainment news,  the idea is to encourage the constant retention of worldly news and knowledge among students. We want the participants to give their honest views on issues that would normally be closeted or be considered a cautious issue.

Here’s a little break down:

Session will be held once a week during coffee time, the first meeting is Scheduled for 25th of October 2010, 4pm at Anjung Semarak (Opposite IPS)

Topic of discussion for first session is predetermined, however for future sessions, we will open suggestions for topics to the floor.

These sessions will be moderated by Mr. Raja Fariz and Mr. Sharan Srinivas, both of Right Livelihood College and USM. Guest moderators will be invited from time to time (subject to availability)

Participants will be provided with the best brew of Coffee and pastries as promised by manager of Anjung Semarak, Mr. Nazrul Azizi.

As this programme is the first of its kind in USM, its success is largely reliant upon the participation of postgraduate students of USM and your willingness to talk as well as the quality of coffee served 🙂

For those interested or require more information on the programme, do not hesitate to email us:

Mr. Raja Fariz:

Mr. Sharan Srinivas:

Mr. Nazrul Azizi:

Ms. Melanie Inbaraj:


Comments on: "Coffee World – Talks" (6)

  1. Mostafa Nejati said:

    Very interesting initiative. I’ll join you guys hopefully. 🙂

  2. Mostafa Nejati said:

    Please also let us know the topic for the first session.

  3. Is the session free to attend for everyone? And how long is each session?

    • Yes, anyone is free to attend, staff and students alike, but it’s tailored more towards postgraduate students. The topic for the first session is yet to be confirmed, but will inform all once I am certain. Each session will probably run about an hour to two hours.

      Thanks for you interest! and bring your friends along 🙂

  4. Great idea. Will be there for sure!

  5. fatemeh habibian said:

    I will join you 🙂

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