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Coffee World


Coffee World is a brand new initiative from the creative minds of Mr. Nazrul (Manager of Anjung Semarak) and a few colleagues from the Right Livelihood College and USM, with their own unique approach and objective,  in gathering together students from different fields to meet up and discuss current issues which continue to be of significant impact to the world.

Program Mechanics

The discussion will be held at Anjung Semarak Café, in a coffee shop setting and all the participants will be served free coffee and finger food.  It will be scheduled for once a month. Topics can range from entertainment issues to the crusade of climate change. One student will lead the session as a moderator; an introduction of the issue of the day will be given followed by opinions and discussions from the floor.


Provide a platform for the students to meet up and speak their mind.


  1. To promote a culture of discussion and knowledge sharing among students.
  2. To provide a platform for shy, introverted students and outspoken students to voice out their opinions and learn from each other.
  3. Encourage students to be more aware about current issues surrounding them.
  4. To compile and document outcome of discussion for future reference and improvement.

Who should attend?

All USM postgraduate students/staff who are interested on the issues given.

Sessions will be held once a month.


Contact persons:

Mr. Raja Fariz:

Mr. Sharan Srinivas:

Mr. Nazrul Azizi:

Ms. Melanie Inbaraj:


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