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Dear Students, Warm Greetings from the Institute of Postgraduate Studies USM!

You are encouraged to apply for the MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP (MIS) to fund your postgraduate studies with us.

 The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) is an initiative by the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) is an initiative by the Malaysian Government to attract the brain from around the world to pursue advanced academic studies in Malaysia. 

 Talented international students with excellent academic records and outstanding co-curricular backgrounds are welcomed to apply for this scholarship and further their studies in any selected and well-established Malaysian public and private universities. This scholarship is divided into two (2) categories of study: Postgraduate and Post-Doctoral Studies.

Please visit for further information.

Online Application is open : 15 April – 14 June 2011

Kindly contact: Student Affairs and Fellowship Unit The Institute of Postgraduate Studies


Comments on: "Good news for international students:MALAYSIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP (MIS)" (4)

  1. A L A Asoka Siriwardana said:

    It is really apreciated that if could provide more information regarding international scholerships which I can follow.I am the Secretary to yhe ministrey of fisharies and cultures of SP of Sri Lanka.
    I interet to follow MA for sociology or Management firld.
    Awaiting toyr reply,
    Asoka Siriwardana

  2. Afaq Abdaljabar Turki said:

    I am afaq abdaljabar turki Ihave M.SC in organic chemistry in 2008 the old 1976. I am work lecturer in Basrah university I hope to Ph.D in organic chemistry in Malysia

  3. Sohair Eltayeb Ali said:

    Thankx very much Malaysia Government for this offer. I wish im a lucky person to win this Schoolarship since I was graduated from University Saians Malaysia School of Pharmacy in 2008 and Iam holding a MSc degree and I want to contunuing my PhD in USM. in the same line Social and Adminstrative Pharmacy. iam very in need of financial support. Iam Sudanese, Female

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