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•It will be commenced in the Academic Session 2011/2012, particularly for new postgraduates by research, coursework and mixed modes.

•Research mode students who register before and on 15th August 2011 will be charged under the current fees; while those register after 16th August 2011 will be charged based on the new rate.


Please advise our friend to register themselves before 16th August 2011.


Comments on: "Are you aware of our new tuition fees?" (9)

  1. fatemeh habibian said:

    Thanks for keeping me informed!

  2. USM Student Wannabe said:

    Yeah, I’ll register by this week, man~!
    Thanks for this helpful info, IPS~!

  3. does that means that for coursework and mixed modes students will have to pay for a new rate regardless when we register?

  4. Hi, May i know where we can register for the new semester ?

  5. Turdy Styler said:

    I wonder what is the reason behind this increasing fees ….

  6. I need to know about the expected fees of PhD (pharmaceutical science) after August 16 (per semester)

  7. May i ask whether the new tuition fees also affects part-time PhD courses (new student)?
    I cant see that from the IPS “Fees” webpage (?)

    Can someone help verify. Thks

  8. ivan yaman said:

    so what is the old fees for masters degree for pure science if i register before 15 aug 2011?

  9. Nobody informed me about this offer letter was here with me in july 2011.not even the student ambassodar.Please i would like to change to the old fee.I cannot afford to pay such a high fee i.e double the previous fee.

    Please advice accordingly

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