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The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is delighted to announce that scholarship under the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology for the year 2012-2013 are open for application. The scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants effective September 2012.

The prospective applicants should visit the IDB website: to download the Programme’s application form and to read full information about the eligibility requirements, how to apply, the Programme benefit and facilities as well as the names of universities.

The applicant must complete the application form and send it together with all the requisite documents, as mentioned on the concluding page of the form, through the office of the IDB Governer for the applicant’s country, and not directly to the IDB Headquarter in Jeddah. The application must reach the concerned IDB Governer’s Office or its designated office by December 31, 2011. Applications received directly at the IDB will not be entertained.

More info:

Scholarship Division

Islamic Development Bank

P.O. Box 5925, Jeddah 21432, Saudi Arabia

Tel: (966-2)644-6833/ 636-1400; Fax: 646-6887



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