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The Exchange Fellowship Programme 

1.      Project Title: The Exchange Fellowship Programme

2.      Background: The ASEAN-ROK Academic Exchange Programme is the occurring programme of the collaboration between ASEAN University Network (AUN) and Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (KASEAS). Funded by ASEAN-ROK Special Cooperation fund, the Programme of 1999, 2001, 2005, 2007 and 2009 have been fulfilled with positive result and feedback. As it aims to provide the academic communities of ASEAN and Korea with opportunities for mutual communication and collaboration to promote a new regional identity and solidarity of East Asia, the 2011 Programme comprises two activities, which are Workshop for Academic Conference and Exchange Fellowship Programme.

With the successful implementation of the last two years programme,                   the Exchange Fellowship is included in the 2011 Programme. It is designed to offer scholars and graduate students from Korea and Southeast Asia to experience and understand each other by conducting research in areas that are essential for the consideration of ASEAN-ROK solidarity. For ASEAN side, the grant will be given to 6 distinguish candidates. The research output shall be examined by the  ac hoc committee for the publication in a book form.

 3.      Objectives: ASEAN-ROK Academic Exchange Programme is reoccurring project of the collaboration between Korean Association of Southeast Asian Studies (KASEAS) and ASEAN University Network (AUN) with the main objectives to:

    1. promote greater understanding in the politics, economics, and socio-cultural which related to the development of individual ASEAN countries and Southeast Asia region as a whole in the Republic of Korea and those of Korea among Southeast Asia nations.
    2. sensitise the academic community of both regions toward the areas of common interest and problem confronted by both regions.
    3. transcend possible learning experience from the Republicof Koreato ASEAN states and from ASEAN states to Koreain the areas of politics, economics, socio-culture, as well as other related fields which can be considered for application for the other countries.

 4.      Eligible Applicants: Scholars, graduate students and researchers who are interested in Korean studies, East Asian studies or other comparative themes.

 5.      Application Procedure:

  1. Applicants are requested to fill out the application form and submit together with the CV and research proposal to the AUN Secretariat through their universities. The deadline for the application to arrive the AUN Secretariat is no later than 15 December 2011. The University may have different deadline for the applicants.
  2. After the selection process, the AUN Secretariat will inform the result to the universities with a copy to the successful candidates. The process is planned to be finished by early of January 2012.
  3. The selected candidates are requested to sign the contract with the AUN Secretariat for further financial support arrangement.

 6.      Activities:

  1. The successful candidates shall conduct his/her research work in the Republicof Koreafor 3 weeks – 6 months. The research period is during February 2012 – July 2012.
  2. The researchers are required to submit two progress reports and final papers as the following timeline;

      Progress report I                           2 weeks after arriving Korea

      Progress report II                          4 weeks after returning to the countries

      Completed research output           3 months after returning to the countries

                                                            and no later than October 2012.

 7.      Language and Format:

Research papers must be written in English. The required format of research work are as follow;

  • Text Program: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 11
  • Paper side: A5; Margin: Top, Bottom, Left, Right 2cm (adjust at File, Page Setup)
  • Footnotes: End note Format
  • References format : (Chicagostyle) Family name, First name of Author (date), Title, Place: publisher.
  • Length of each paper: 30-40 single-spaced pages, A5
  • Tentative Deadline for Submission: 3 months after returning to home country but not later than October 2012
  • Work to be Submitted: in one printed form plus a CD (send by post to the AUN secretariat)

 8.      Financial Support:

The successful candidates will be eligible for financial support of 4,000 USD for Master students, 4,500 USD for Ph.D. students, and 6,000 USD for university scholars. These amounts include all expenses that would occur from conducting research work such as travel expenses, room and board, meals, transportation, printing and postage.

Upon the signatory of the contract, researchers will be eligible to obtain 50% of the total amount of financial support in his/her own category. Another 25% will be given upon the receipt of the second progress report.  Another 25% will be furnished after the full report is acknowledged by the AUN Secretariat. 500 USD will be deducted from the first payment and will be remitted with the last payment when the progress and final report are submitted following to the deadline.

9.      Contact person for the ASEAN side;

Ms. Naparat Phirawattanakul

Office of theASEANUniversityNetwork

Room 210, Jamjuree 1 Building.,ChulalongkornUniversity,Phyathai Rd., 10330


Tel: +66 2 2153640, 215 3642 ext. 106

Fax: +66 2 216 8808








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