Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Bicara Persada Kencana

Dear All,

We would like to invite you to Bicara Persada Kencana that is a collaborative project between Postgraduate Students Association (PSA)  and Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) which will be held as follows :

Date: 16th December 2011

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (lunch will be provided)

Venue: Dewan Kuliah A (DK A),USM


About BPK

The Bicara Persada Kencana (BPK) is an annual event that is jointly organized by Postgraduate Student Association (PSA) and Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) in which we invite Industry/Academic leader to share his experience and recognition. Last year the theme of BPK was Charismatic Leadership where we invited Tenku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff former chairman of Proton and Ms. Frances Wilks British mentor and consultant.

The theme of BPK is “Transferring Vision for Sustainable Tomorrow”. Based on the theme and to make it more interactive we have make BPK as Forum. Program format have been changed where each panelist represent the generations – Vice Chancellor, Director, Lecture and student. The details are as follows:


1. Tan Sri DzulKifli Abdul Razak (Vice Chancellor, Al-Bukhary International University, AIU)

2. Dr. Salfarina (Deputy Director, CGSS, USM)

3. Dr. Ellisha Nasurddin (Senior Lecturer, GSB, USM)

4. Muhammad-Imran Sarwar (Vice President, PSA, USM)

5. Mehran Nejati (2009 Vice – Chancellor’s Award Recipient, IPS, USM)



Dr. Anees Janee Ali (Advisor, PSA)

This year we are honoured to have the panellist who will share their point of view.
Looking forward to see you all.

Best Regards

Pantea Keikhosrokiani

Financial secretary of PSA

Postgraduate Students Association

Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph. D) Fellow,

School of Computer Science

Universiti Sains Malaysia.



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