Transforming Higher Education for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Graduate School Of Business (GSB)

Master of Business Administration (ONLINE E-EMBA) – K28

School Of Education (EDU)

Doctor of Education (Curriculum & Education) – K002

Doctor of Education (Science Education) – K003

Doctor of Education (Educational Technology & Multimedia) – K004

Doctor of Education (TESOL) – K005

School Of Humanities (HUM)

Master of Arts (Malay Language) – C04

Master of Arts (Literature) – C05

Master of Science (Geographic Information Science) – C14

Master of Arts (Translation Studies) – C15

Master of Arts (Southeast Asian History) – C22

Master of Science (Sustainable Cities and Communities) – C38

School Of Mathematical Sciences (MAH)

Master of Science (Teaching of Mathematics) – K25

Master of Science (Mathematics) – C02

Master of Science (Statistics) – C03

School Of Housing, Building And Planning (HBP)

Master of Science (Housing) – K11

Master of Science (Tourism Development) – C20

School Of Communication (MAS)

Master of Arts (Communication) – C06

Master of Communication (Screen Studies) – K20

Master of Communication (Science & Environmental Journalism) – K21

Master of Communication (Integrated Marketing Communication) – K36 (IMC – KL)

School Of Medical Sciences (MED)

Master of Medicine (Anaesthesiology) – S02

Master of Medicine (Surgery) – S07

Master of Medicine (Ophthalmology) – S08

Master of Neuroscience – C39

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