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     We are looking for two MSc students and one research officer (RO) to work on a project entitled ‘the establishment of reference ranges and profiles of endogenous steroids and erythropoietin in a population of Malaysian athletes: towards the implementation of Athlete Biological Passport’. The project is based in Doping Control Centre, USM Penang.

     Specifically the students will be assigned to handle one of following subprojects:

1.     Immunoaffinity chromatography and LC/MS analysis of erythropoietin

2.     SDS-PAGE and IEF analysis of erythropoietin from urine and serum

     Meanwhile, the RO will be required to assist the running of the whole research project. Basically the RO is required to receive urine and blood samples, perform pre-processing and splitting, organizing sample information and data and handling mini research projects. The salary will be RM 2471 per month with 2 years of contract.

All candidates are asked to submit their CV/resume and may be called for an interview. 

For more information regarding the project please contact:

 Dr. Mohd Nazri Ismail

Pusat Kawalan Doping/Doping Control Centre,

Universiti Sains Malaysia,

11800 USM,

Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 604-6534261 / 5831

Fax: 604-6569869



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