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Tentative Project title: Applying local knowledge and integrating with science in relation to fisheries and marine mammal ecology

Local knowledge is an untapped traditional knowledge that is now gaining momentum in natural resources management and conservation. The chosen candidate would have an adequate understanding of the marine environment and an ability to engage with local fishing communities to obtain local knowledge on the marine environment, fishing practices, how/when to fish and look for certain species, weather predictions and to learn of how this information can be used and applied to the modern management of fisheries. Marine mammals depend on fisheries and this has direct implications on their survival. This knowledge can be verified using science and further applications into fisheries and marine mammal management can be made.


– Appropriate Masters Degree in Marine Management/ Social aspects of Marine conservation/ Environmental science

– Excellent communication skills especially with local fishermen

– Experience in conducting interview surveys, GIS applications and meteorology studies

– Interests in human ecology.

If interested please send a letter of interest and CV to Dr. Leela Rajamani, Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies,Universiti Sains Malaysia.


The research is fully funded and a graduate research assistantship is provided. This position is only open to Malaysians.


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